25 Gift Ideas for Best Friend (Female) in Dubai (UAE)

Gift Ideas for Best Friend (Female) in Dubai (UAE)

Your best friend is very important to you. Sometimes, finding the perfect gift to show how much you care is challenging. But if your friend lives in Dubai, UAE, there are many great gift options.

Dubai offers many unique and thoughtful gifts, and you can go for anything, like clothes, makeup, or fun activities for your friend. we have 25 ideas to help you find the perfect gift to make your friend feel special and appreciated.

1. Customized Jewelry:

You can get jewelry, like a necklace, bracelet, or ring, specially made for your friend. You can have her initials or a special message engraved on it.

It’s a unique and thoughtful gift because it’s made just for her, which shows that you put a lot of thought and care into choosing it.

2. Luxury Perfume:

You can give your friend a fancy and nice-smelling perfume from famous brands like Chanel, Dior, or Tom Ford. These perfumes are known for their high quality and luxurious scents.

You can find these perfumes in fancy stores all over Dubai. It’s a special gift because it makes your friend feel like royalty and adds a touch of luxury to her everyday life.

3. Handbag:

This gift idea involves surprising your friend with a fashionable, expensive handbag from a famous designer. These handbags are known for their stylish designs and high price tags.

You can find them in fancy shopping malls like the Dubai Mall or the Mall of the Emirates. It’s a great gift because it shows your friend how much you care about her fashion sense and want to spoil her with something luxurious.

4. Spa Gift Voucher:

This gift idea is about giving your friend a special voucher, like a coupon, that she can use to enjoy a relaxing spa treatment. In Dubai, there are many fancy spa resorts where she can have massages, facials, and other lovely treatments. It’s an excellent way to help her relax and feel less stressed from her busy life.

5. Customized Gift Basket:

Make a unique gift basket filled with things your friend likes. You can make it special by putting in her favorite treats, like chocolates, skincare stuff (like lotions or face masks), and nice-smelling candles. It’s a nice thing to do because it shows her that you know what she likes and want to make her happy.

6. Fashionable Scarf:

This gift is about picking out a fabulous scarf for your friend to wear. You can choose one in her favorite color or design to match her style. A scarf is not just for looking good.

It’s also beneficial because it can keep her warm when it’s cold or add some extra style to her outfit. It’s a simple but thoughtful gift that shows you care about what she likes and want to make her look even more awesome.

7. Handcrafted Arabian Lantern:

Pick a special thing that shows the culture of the region. You could choose a handcrafted Arabian lantern. It’s a pretty decoration often seen in traditional Arab homes.

You can also go for a tea set with fancy designs inspired by Emirati culture. These items can make your friend’s house look more authentic and exciting. They can also start conversations and remind her of her time in Dubai.

8. Cooking Class:

If your friend likes cooking or trying new recipes, booking a cooking class can be a great gift. In Dubai, there are classes where she can learn to make tasty Emirati dishes like biryani or falafel.

She can also learn to cook other types of food like Italian pasta or sushi. It’s fun and a chance for her to learn new cooking skills and make yummy meals for herself and others.

9. Fitness Tracker:

Does your friend try to stay healthy and active?

She can wear a fitness tracker on her wrist to check how much she moves each day, how many calories she burns, and her heart rate. It can also track her workouts, such as when she’s jogging, biking, or doing yoga.

Giving her a fitness tracker is a way to support her in staying fit and motivated. It also gives her helpful info to make her exercise routine even better.

10. Calligraphy Set:

Calligraphy Set is all about encouraging your friend to explore her artistic side. It includes special pens, ink, and books that teach how to do calligraphy. It’s an excellent way for her to try something creative and maybe even learn a new skill.

11. Gourmet Food Hamper:

Treat your friend’s taste buds to a fancy gourmet food hamper. Inside, there are special cheeses, exotic fruits, and yummy chocolates. It’s a fancy treat that lets her enjoy some tasty, high-quality snacks.

12. Artwork:

Surprise your friend with a beautiful piece of Art. You can pick out a local artwork that shows Dubai’s culture or a stunning photo of Dubai’s skyline or desert landscapes.

It’s a sweet gift that adds beauty to her home and brings back memories of the fantastic sights in Dubai.

13. DIY Craft Kit:

This gift is about getting your friend creative with a D.I.Y. craft kit. You can pick something like pottery painting or candle making. These kits have everything she needs.

It includes materials and instructions for a fun crafting time. It’s an excellent way for her to let out her artistic side and make something special.

14. Subscription Box:

Give your friend a monthly subscription box that fits her interests. It might be a box of beauty, fashion, or wellness products; there’s a box for her.

Every month, she’ll get a bunch of hand-picked goodies sent to her door. It’s an easy and fun way for her to discover new stuff and enjoy her favorite things.

15. Luxury Skincare Set:

Spoil your friend with a fancy skincare set from a big brand. These sets usually have top-notch skincare stuff like moisturizers, serums, and masks.

They’re made to make her skin feel amazing and look great. It’s a lovely gift with glowing skin that’ll leave her feeling extra special and refreshed.

16. Culinary Experience:

This gift is about taking your friend to one of Dubai’s best restaurants. These places serve delicious food and have amazing views. It’s a chance for her to have a special meal while looking at the beautiful sights of Dubai.

17. Travel Journal:

If your friend loves traveling, a travel journal is a great gift. It’s like an excellent book where she can write about all the cool stuff she does on her trips.

She can also put in pictures and tickets to remember everything. It’s a good way for her to keep her travel memories safe and in one place.

18 Yoga Mat and Accessories:

If your friend enjoys yoga, a good yoga mat and extra stuff like blocks and straps can improve her yoga practice. The mat gives her a comfy spot to pose, and the blocks and straps help her stretch and balance. It’s a lovely gift showing you care about her hobby and want her to enjoy it.

19. Candle Making Kit:

You can allow your friend to be creative by making her candles. The kit includes everything she needs, like wax and scents, to create candles with different smells. She can make them just how she likes to make her home smell nice.

20. Personalized Photo Album:

Make a unique photo album or scrapbook with pictures of you and your friend. You can add all your favorite memories and moments together. It’s a thoughtful gift that shows how much you care about your friendship and the good times you’ve had.

21. Outdoor Adventure:

Plan a fun outdoor activity for you and your friend to do together. You could go on a desert safari, where you ride through the desert in an excellent car and see amazing things.

You can take your friend on a hot air balloon ride and float above the city, enjoying the beautiful views. It’s a chance for both of you to have a fun and unforgettable experience together.

22. Herbal Tea Set:

This gift is excellent for your friend who loves tea. It comes with different kinds of herbal teas and a fancy teapot. She can have these teas at home on cozy nights, relaxing with a warm cup of her favorite blend.

23. Customized Smartphone Case:

Customized Smartphone Case can be a special gift for your friend. You can put her initials or a meaningful quote on it. It’s an excellent way to make her phone feel more personal and show that you thought about what she likes.

24. Eco-Friendly Gift Set:

An eco-friendly gift set is a good idea if you and your friend care about the environment. It has things like reusable straws, bamboo utensils for eating out, and skincare products that are gentle on the skin and the earth.

It’s an excellent way to show that you care about the planet and want your friends to use eco-friendly stuff.

25. Concert or Event Tickets:

Surprise your friend with live concerts, theater shows, or sports event tickets. It’s a fun way to hang out together and make fantastic memories. She can enjoy anything like music, theater, or sports. It’s a thoughtful gift that shows you know what she likes and wants to treat her to something special.


Looking for the perfect gift for your best friend in Dubai can be excellent. You can choose from many things, like a fancy day at the spa, a fantastic piece of jewelry, or something special just for them.

What matters most is that you put thought and care into the gift. It’s not just about what you give, but how much you care about your friend.

So, take your time picking out something from sentiments.ae that shows how much you appreciate your friendship and how special they are to you.