How to Keep Artificial Plants Dust Free (Experts Guide)

How to Keep Artificial Plants Dust Free (Experts Guide)

Artificial plants are best to decorate your home or office. They have become popular in recent years because of their versatility and longevity. They also provide the beauty of natural plants with less maintenance, as you don’t have to provide water, fertilizers, and sunlight. There is only one drawback of artificial plants, which is dust accumulation. Like other home décor items, dust is collected in plants over time, and if left untreated, it will make your plants look lifeless and dull.

Many simple methods are available that are pretty helpful to keep your artificial plants dust-free. In this expert guide, we will share some tips and tricks to keep your artificial plants fresh and vibrant. 

Why is it Important to Keep Artificial Plants Dust Free?

Dusting is essential for artificial plants for many reasons, so that we will discuss some important reasons here. 

  • Long Life:

Artificial plants are meant for long periods in different atmospheric conditions, but dust can accumulate and settle in these artificial plants and easily damage them. 

  • Health Benefits:

Artificial plants contain dust and are the main reason behind indoor pollution. Dust is quite dangerous for children and people suffering from allergies, so regular cleaning of artificial plants is essential to maintain a healthy life. 

  • Fresh looks:

Dust creates dullness in the appearance of artificial plants, so they lack beauty. If you keep your artificial plants dust-free, they will provide natural and fresh looks.

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How do we keep artificial plants dust-free?

There are different ways to keep artificial plants dust-free, but before talking about them, it is essential to know about tools and materials that are helpful for the dusting process. 

Tools and Materials:

Proper equipment eases the cleaning process, and you get the best results with little effort. 

  • Brush:

A soft bristle brush is a must-have tool for dusting off artificial plants. You will find many brushes for cleaning purposes, but go for one that can wipe out dust completely. 

You can use special plant cleaning brushes, makeup brushes, or paint brushes for cleaning purposes. The soft bristle of brushes will help your artificial plant from damage during the dusting process. 

  • Vacuum Cleaner:

If you have artificial plant arrangements at a high level, it will be quite beneficial to use a vacuum cleaner for dusting purposes. Using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment will keep the stems and leaves of plants dust-free for a long time.  

  • Microfiber Cloth:

Using microfiber clothes is another efficient way of freeing your artificial plant’s dust because they are best for trapping dirt and dust. They are gentle and don’t damage the plant, so simply dampen them in water and wipe down the leaves and stems. Frequently rinse the cloth as it will remove dust more conveniently. 

  • Air compressor:

Air compressors can wipe out the dust from artificial plants. They are handy and blow away the loose dust from hard-to-reach areas of plants. 

  • Water Shower:

A water shower is ideal with large artificial plants that can quickly move outside. Shower artificial plants with cold water and keep them out until thoroughly dried.

Tips to keep Artificial Plants Dust Free:

It is convenient to maintain the freshness of your artificial plants. Following a few simple tips can easily keep your artificial plants dust-free. 

How to Keep Artificial Plants Dust Free

1. Regular Dusting: 

The best and simplest way of keeping your artificial plants dust-free and fresh-looking is to dust them regularly. Brushing your plants at least once a week is essential, but you can increase the frequency if plants are in open and dusty areas. 

Inspect your plant before dusting, and use different tools like a bristle brush, feather duster, and compressed air to wipe out the dust.

2. Deep Cleaning:

A deep cleaning method is necessary if plants have accumulated stains, dirt, or dust. First, remove detachable parts of the artificial plant (decorative elements and plastic pots) if possible because it will help remove stubborn dirt easily.  

Prepare a soap solution that is gentle to avoid any damage to plants. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down leaves and stems. In case of stubborn stains, you can also get help from a sponge or brush, but they will not be too hard. 

After applying soap solution, leave it for a few minutes and rinse the artificial plant thoroughly with clean water. Use fresh air to dry the plant entirely before returning it to its original position. 

3. Dust Free Environment Clean:

Place your artificial plants in those areas of your home or office that are dust-free or less vulnerable to dust. Regularly clean the areas around plants, as it will minimize the amount of dust in the surroundings. Proper vacuuming of the site will bring a significant difference in dust accumulation. 

4. Plants Rotation:

If artificial plants are placed in a similar direction for a long time, they lose their shine and start looking dull. Rotate your plants periodically to ensure their proper exposure to light, and it will also prevent dust from accumulating.

5. Don’t Use Chemicals:

Chemicals temporarily make your plants look fresh and clean, so it is better to avoid using harsh chemicals as they will damage the color and foil. Using mild soap water once a week for cleaning is best for the long life of artificial plants. 


Artificial plants are the best way of making your environment green and calming. It is essential to keep them dust-free to maintain their beauty and life. Using the right tools and adopting the best methods, you can easily tackle dust accumulation and enjoy its beauty for years. You can create the best green environment with artificial plants by following the tips mentioned above and tricks.