How to Keep Wrapped Flowers Fresh in Fridge? (15 Tips by Florist)

Keep flowers fresh in the fridge Tips

Flowers are one of the best gifts of nature that brighten our lives in different ways. They are for all happy and sorrowful occasions, so it is also important to keep flowers fresh. Knowing how to keep wrapped flowers fresh in a fridge is a valuable skill because a controlled environment and cold temperature can significantly extend the lifespan of flowers. 

Properly storing wrapped flowers in the fridge is a reliable method of maintaining their freshness. They will wilt and die within a few days if you do not properly store them. After following a few simple tips, keeping your wrapped flowers fresh and looking for a longer time will be beneficial.

1. Selection of Right Flowers:

The first and most important step in keeping your wrapped flowers fresh in the fridge is the selection of the right flowers. All flowers have different lifespans once cut, so few are more suitable for refrigeration. You must keep following things in your mind while choosing the right flowers. 

2. Flower variety:

Few flowers have a longer life than others, like roses, chrysanthemums, daisies, and lilies, which can give fresh looks longer once they are cut, but on the other hand, peonies and tulips are delicate flowers that die early. Choose flowers for keeping in fridges that are famous for their longevity. 

3. Condition of Flowers:

The condition of plucked flowers also determines their freshness for a long time in the fridge, so look for those buds that are just starting to open rather than those in full bloom. Flowers in the early stages of blooming have a longer life, so they are best for refrigeration.

4. Choose the Right Fridge:

All fridges are not meant for storing flowers, so choose the best fridge that is cold but not too cold. Fridges that have excessive cooling will freeze the flowers and die immediately. Fridges with less cooling are also dangerous because they will quickly decay flowers. 

Flowers in the fridge

5. Preparation of Flowers:

Before placing flowers in the fridge, it is necessary to adequately prepare them for this process because it increases their life and freshness. It involves the following few steps:

6. Cutting:  

The first and primary step of preparing flowers is to cut them with the help of sharp scissors or floral shear. With the help of a diagonal cut at the base of each stem, it will improve water absorption, which will result in an extended life of flowers. 

7. Remove Excessive Leaves:

Remove all excessive leaves for proper wrapping of flowers before storing them in the fridge. This step is also beneficial for keeping your flowers fresh for a long time. 

8. Hydration:

Hydration is necessary before refrigeration, so place fresh stems in vases with water and flower food. Leave them for a few hours, allowing flowers to drink water and become fully hydrated. 

9. Storing Flowers in the Fridge:

Once you have prepared flowers for refrigeration, the next step is to store them in the fridge properly. It is essential to understand the importance of the proper storing process so you can go for the following steps. 

10. Choose the Right Location in the Fridge:

Select a designated spot in the fridge for storing flowers that can be a shelf so that flowers won’t be disturbed or come into contact with other food items. It will help your flowers to stay fresh for a long time. 

11. Cover the Flowers:

Condensation and humidity can affect the freshness of flowers and limit their age, so it is better to cover them with a plastic bag or wrap them properly. In this process, ensure that the plastic doesn’t have direct contact with flower petals, which can damage them quickly. 

12. Regular Maintenance:

Regular maintenance is required to preserve the freshness of wrapped flowers in the fridge so that you can ensure it with the help of a few steps. 

13. Check Water Level:

You can remove the flowers from the fridge after regular intervals and check for the water level. You can also add more water if needed to keep them fresh. To keep them hydrated, you can top them up with fresh water at room temperature. 

14. Trimming of Stems:

Trimming stems is also necessary, so after every few days, trim those with clean and sharp scissors as it will prevent them from becoming clogged and allow better water intake. You must cut the stems of flowers at a 45-degree angle as it will help them continue the water absorption process.  

15. Removal of Wilting Flowers:

Even after following all necessary precautions, some flowers will wilt, so remove them to restrain them from releasing ethylene gas that can affect other flowers.

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When to Remove Flowers from the Fridge? (Right Time and Important Tips)

Storing flowers in the fridge can be increased significantly, but still, you must know when to remove them to enjoy their freshness. A few factors will determine the best time to take the flowers out. 

  • Specific Occasion:

If you have stored flowers for a specific occasion, then make sure to remove them from the fridge a few hours before the event. After that, allow them to reach room temperature for perfect freshness. 

  • Visual Indicators:

Please look closely at the visual appearance of flowers and look for any sign of wilting and overall decline of their freshness. When flowers start appearing brown, then it’s time to remove them from the fridge. 

  • Change in Odor:

If you notice any unusual odor of flowers, it will be a clear sign that you should remove and dispose of them because they have lost their freshness. 

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