How to Travel with Fresh Flowers in a Car? (Easy Tips)

How to Travel with Fresh Flowers in a Car

Flowers are best to show your care for someone, but they are difficult to transport, so delivering them to a specific place can be challenging. In Dubai (UAE), you will find a wide range of flowers that best smell and can be presented to anyone on different occasions. 

Traveling in a car with flowers is a fantastic experience, whether you attend a particular party or delivering a bouquet for someone. However, it is essential to handle flowers carefully to remain fresh and reach their destination. 

Best Way to Keep Flower Bouquets While Driving:

Here, you will get details about the best way to keep flower bouquets while driving, so look below.

1. Selection of Flower:

The selection of suitable flowers in a bouquet is essential to keep them safe, so go for those known for their longevity. You can choose a bouquet of roses, lilies, and sunflowers to travel in a car.

2. Preparation of Bouquet:

Preparation of the bouquets is the first step that ensures their safety and freshness during the ride so that you can trim stems. This trimming at an angle will allow flowers to absorb more water and remain fresh during travel.

Remove any excessive leaves that can be dangerous for the safety of flowers during a ride so that you can prepare a perfect flower bouquet for a long time.

3. Securing the Bouquet:

To keep flowers pristine, securing the bouquet by following a few precautionary measures is better.

  • In hot weather conditions, sunlight is dangerous for the freshness of flowers, so keep the bouquet out of direct sunlight. Wilting and overheating can be caused by sunlight, which will affect the life of flowers.

  • Wind protection is also essential, so keep the car window closed during travel with flowers. You can also use a windscreen to protect flowers from solid winds capable of damaging the petals.

  • Using seat belts for flower bouquets is another good option for their security. Position your flower bouquet on a flat surface in a car and tie it with a seat belt.
How to Travel with Flower bouquets in Car and keep it safe and fresh

4. Temperature Maintenance:

    A moderate temperature is required for the safety of flowers, so to travel with flowers in a car, you can follow these steps.

    • In scorching heat conditions, you must maintain the car’s cabin temperature with the help of air conditioning. It will help you to maintain a comfortable temperature for your flowers.
    • Extreme temperature in summer and winter is dangerous for the life of flowers, so in cold weather, use climate control in your car.
    • Exposure of flower bouquets to extreme temperatures is quite dangerous for their freshness, so minimize the time they spend outside the car.

    5. Frequent Check-ins:

      If you have to travel a long distance with flowers, then it is essential to make periodic checks on flowers so that they remain safe. Look for any sign of a broken stem or spillage because it can ruin the bouquet.

      Transport Flower Bouquets in a car

      How to Transport Flower Bouquets in Dubai (UAE):

      If you are going to transport flower bouquets in Dubai (UAE), then there are a few additional things that you must keep in mind for safe transport:

      1. Regulations for Transporting Flowers in Dubai (UAE):

      In UAE, there are stringent rules for importing and exporting plant materials, including flowers, so you must be aware of the guidelines and regulations in place. Consult with local authorities before the transportation of flowers for necessary permits and restrictions that you must follow.

      2. Choose Right Flower Shop:

      You will find a lot of flower shops in the whole UAE, so it is necessary to choose the right flower shop. A well-known and prominent shop will ensure the quality of flower bouquets, so consider the shop’s reputation first, which is also closest to the delivery place of flowers. It will also help keep flower bouquets fresh due to minimum possible traveling.

      3. Use of Climate Control Transport:

      It would be best if you considered using those vehicles to transport flowers in UAE with climate control features. It will help flowers to be safe during extreme weather conditions.

      4. Don’t Leave Flowers in the Car:

      If you are going to make multiple stops during your journey in the car, then it is advised not to leave flowers in the car. In the hot weather of UAE, flowers will quickly wilt due to extreme heat.

      5. Shade and Water:

      Direct exposure to sunlight in UAE is the most deadly thing for flowers due to weather conditions. It is better to keep the flowers in the shaded area of the car. You can also provide a water source in the bouquet to keep flowers hydrated and fresh.

      6. Timing of Transportation:

      UAE is famous for its scorching weather, so if you must transport flower bouquets in a car, you should travel early or late in the evening. It will ensure the maximum safety of flower bouquets by avoiding the hottest part of the day.

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