UAE National Flower Name (Tribulus Omanense) - Full Guide 2024

7 Best UAE National Flower Name

Flowers are a source of conveying heartfelt emotions and sharing love with our loved ones. As National Flower Day 2024 is nearly to arrive, people all around the UAE are searching for National Flowers to send to their friends and family on this special event.

So we welcome you to the fascinating world of the National Flower of the United Arab Emirates, i.e., Tribulus Omanese. This magnificent flower has vivid petals and an alluring scent. It symbolizes the UAE’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

1. Tribulus Omanese:

Tribulus Omanese Dubai National Flower

Tribulus Omanese is a flexible option to brighten your recipient’s living area, commemorate a particular event, or express your deep thoughts. It is the ideal addition to various events, from business meetings and religious ceremonies to weddings and birthdays.

We have a vast collection of UAE National Flowers to suit every taste and occasion. So you’re sure to discover the perfect bouquet for you and your loved ones.

2. Happy Yellow Fresh Flower Arrangement:

Happy Yellow Fresh Flower Arrangement

Flowers are a symbol of admiration that whizzes your sentiments into the heart of your loved one. Send your sweetheart’s birthday, anniversary, or congrats flowers to express your happiness.

You can elevate the photos of your loved ones with magnificent lilies, captivating chrysanthemums, and pleasant, charming, and exquisite roses.

The most fantastic way to show your friends and family how much you care and how warm you are is with flowers. Send a tiny glass vase with a hand-picked bouquet of assorted beauty to express your affection.

3. Bright Yellow and White:

You can use vivid yellows and whites to adorn your life moments and those of your loved ones. Savor the fragrance of flowers, especially roses, which symbolize love. Send birthday, anniversary, or congrats flowers to your loved ones to celebrate their beautiful moments.

You can send a stunning arrangement that combines fresh, hand-selected exquisite roses, lovely chrysanthemums, and showy royal lilies. You can present these flowers with love and attention and send them to your loved ones.

4. Sunflower Beauty:

Sunflower Beauty Dubai National Flower event offers delicate and appealing flowers to their valuable customers as it is the national flower of the United Arab Emirates.

This native perennial plant is often referred to as the Arabian Sunflower. It flourishes in the desert environments of the United Arab Emirates.

5. Sunny Sunshine Sunflower Fresh Flower Hand Bouquet:

A love devoid of flowers is like a sea lacking waves. Send your loved ones birthday, anniversary, congratulations, get well, or love and romance flowers to spread the smell and brightness of flowers. Flowers represent the pinnacle of beauty and love.

6. Yellow Flower with Exquisite Petals:

Yellow Flower with Exquisite Petals

The UAE National Flower is a little yellow flower with exquisite petals. It stands out strikingly against the arid background. The best thing about this flower is that it can withstand the harsh climate and scarce water resources of the area.

Its strong roots allow it to endure the extreme desert conditions, and its finely-haired leaves are a barrier against the scorching heat.

7. Floral Jewels:

Come along on this enthralling trip with us as we uncover the mysteries behind this extraordinary floral jewel on When we send this flower to our loved ones, it is more than a flower and represents how we appreciate the beauty around us.

Conculsion is an online flower store where you can send flowers to your loved ones. We value recognizing the distinct beauty of the national flower of the United Arab Emirates and fostering a connection with the natural world.

No matter where you are, you can bring the beauty of the UAE National Flower into your house with our online delivery service. Our skilled florists create arrangements that highlight the unique beauty of this particular flower, giving you a first-hand opportunity to witness the enchantment of the national flower of the UAE.