Pinkie Pie  MiniRoses on a Glass Vase
Pinkie Pie  MiniRoses on a Glass Vase

Pinkie Pie MiniRoses on a Glass Vase

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Pinkie Pie  MiniRoses on a Glass Vase

Small 30stem

Approx Height: 50cm

A glass vase flowerpot with 30stem Pink of Spray Roses, isn’t it sensual? Roses are a symbol of love, beauty, courage, strength, and wealth. Love orchids bouquet is a perfect arrangement of colour orchids that makes it a splendid gift. You can opt for these exotic orchids for a loved one's birthday or an anniversary. With the help of this beautiful combination of flowers, you have an excellent opportunity to show how deep your love for someone is the most important in your life. Our professional florists have prepared this eye-catching bouquet that can be a Center Point of any party. Through our online delivery system, you can send it to the receiver's doorstep on the same day. delight.

Delivery Information

  • Our commitment to you is that the flowers we deliver will be fully fresh and vibrant.
  • We ensure their freshness through delivery by temperature-controlled delivery vehicles.
  • We do not cut the extent of the stems for the flowers as the flowers are nourished and fresh due to the water absorbed by the stems. So you will find some stems in your flowers that will help you to keep the flower delivery moistened and fresh for a longer duration.
  • We also ensure that the flowers that are delivered are as same as the ones you see online while ordering. We ensure this by having product photography for every item listed on our online flower shop.
  • Our robust delivery methodology gives us the privilege to claim that your flowers will be delivered on the time period you mention while ordering online, we value the essence of timeliness.
  • We also provide express delivery and it reaches the destination on the assured delivery time.

Care Instruction

  • Flowers are tender in nature and tend to wither off soon when placed in excessive heat or directly under sunlight. So kindly avoid placing them in such spots.
  • Do not place flowers under exhausts, fans, or any such devices that produce heat.
  • A few petals might wither down if so please pluck them as tenderly as possible from the flowers, this will help in maintaining the freshness of the rest of the petals.
  • Do not forget to change the water as and when required water is the only source of life for flowers that have been plucked from the plants.
  • Flowers do remain vibrant with a daily tender sprinkling of water over them. Please sprinkle water gently on them on a daily basis.
  • Flowers bring liveliness till they are fresh enjoy the flowers for a longer duration by taking gentle care of them.